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December 20, 2015

Sitting at Zürich airport, waiting to board.


Lucky me, Swedish woman in Zürich, Swiss decided a couple of months ago to fly straight to Gothenburg. Landvetter airport is the closest one to my parents place (well, if you can call 2 hours in the car for close...) and I always try to fly in there, so my lovely parents can pick me up. 


Not so lucky me couldnt get tickets with Swiss this time, meaning Im now awaiting a flight to Amsterdam before I can continue to Gothenburg. Yaay, 2 hours in Amsterdam.

Guess Ill do all my christmas shopping there..



Yes, not that grown up yet, still...

December 20, 2015


I have started to wear lipsticks again. Im having a thing for matt lipsticks (have the idea that my lips looks even smaller with shiny ones?!) and I love bright colors.

My favorites are orange and bubbelgum pink. Love that! 


Here I am wearing something from YSL. Pretty expensive but I can seriously drink, eat and kiss around a whole day without having to refill as much as once. 5 out of 5.




December 19, 2015


I only bought 1 christmas gift so far. For my dad.

The rest are still to be selected and bought. I dont beat up myself too much since I am only travelling with a teeny tiny carry on on sunday and Im staying for 9 days in Sweden. A girl needs her luggage space for clothes. 



Awaiting tuesday when Im going with my bestie for a shopping spree in the home town. There are like 2 stores to choose from so Im sure Ill find something for each and everyone in my family... :) 




Picture of me and Nathalie and the real Santa Claus. 





December 19, 2015

Celebrated an early christmas with my man yesterday and finally got a little bit of that christmas spirit.


Looking forward to decorate the whole house with my mum in Sweden next week and to eat a whole lot of swedish christmas ham. I barely eat meat but there is something special with this ham.


My dad is the best swedish-christmas-ham-chef. He makes it perfect!





December 19, 2015

Saturday has always been my most favorite day of the week. I just love the feeling that I have the whole weekend ahead of me. Nowadays most Saturdays are spent in Scandinavia hair but that doesnt mean anything else than a lot of fun, I dont complain!


I still have a bag to pack, leaving up north early tomorrow. 




 This is me hanging in Scandinavia hair.  //the Narcissist


December 18, 2015

Today Scandinavia hair has been full the whole day and Im enjoying each second. I love our salon. I love this business. I love my employees. And mostly I love to do this together with my man. 


Tonight we will celebrate Christmas together since I am leaving for Sweden on Sunday. He is at home preparing something, all secretive. 


Hashtag Lovelife.



December 18, 2015

We had a customer (Swedish) for highlights today and I loved the result!

Deborah knows what she is doing. 



perfektblond, here we go!



Pictures of two different blonde girls from this week.

Love that natural, non-touched look.




December 9, 2015


- Belt

Why are men always using belts?


- Gloves

They will never buy it themselves and never admit that they're cold.

Me for one, rather hold a soft hand than a dried-out, ice cold one.


- Gift card for something else than a clothing store.

A man also enjoy a day at a spa or a new haircut or a massage. Treat them!


- Gym clothes

Want your man to work out more? Buy one for you too, if he needs to work out more, right back at ya!


- Hair/face/body products

Body shop has great products for the body and the face. Who said men should not wash their face everyday and do mask...

December 8, 2015

I just came back from Sweden and realized that I have far more things to do than I thought of. My office was the same mess as when I left. My manfriend always asked me how I can work in such an explosion of things but for me it's more like an organized mess. I know my stuff and god forbid the person who tries to clean it (yes, it happened that my thoughful man wanted to be nice but it always leads to me yelling around asking where everything is. Cliché I know..) 


Scandinavia hair looks nice though. Decorated for Christmas before I left!

I think it's more appropriate to show a pi...

December 4, 2015

So, Im Swedish and yes, Sweden can be really cold. Once or twice where I grew up we had minus 30 Degrees Celcius and that, my friends, is really cold. I remember my mum telling me not to go horseback riding too far with my pony because she was afraid that I would get frostbites. To the story belongs that my mum always encouraged me to go on hour-long tours with my somewhat chubby pony so when she told me not to,

it is bad. 


Some people seem to think that only because you grew up far north on the map, you have developed some kind of resistance towards cold weather. I cannot...

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