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January 29, 2016


You like to be blonde but you’re struggling with dark roots which have to be covered a little too often for your taste and your will to visit the hairdresser?


One solution for this problem is to make an ombre. 



Definition Ombre: 

Gradually blending one color over to another - most often light tones into darker or dark tones into lighter. 



How will this ombre make my life easier:

Your roots are dark and you don’t want to bleach it too often but you still like being blonde. Get an ombre which is dark(er) in the roots and turns into blonde(r) in your ends. You wont see the r...

January 29, 2016


Last Friday of the first month of 2016!

(that got complicated..)


We are moving forward and are seeing a great spring ahead of us.

If there is any particular time to be blonde, spring would be it!


Lighten up life a little bit with a couple of tones brighter in your hair. Me for one, know a whole bunch of people bringing back blonde when the sun starts to come earlier in the morning and leave later in the evening. It kind of adds to the springy feeling.




For all you blondies or want-to-be-blondies out there, keep your eyes open.


perfektblond by Scandinavia hair is soon getting n...

January 22, 2016

Why did you choose to be a hairdresser?

- I love to work with people, I love to let loose my creativity and to bring out the best out of people's hair and looks. For me there is nothing better than a happy and satisfied customer with a smile on his/her face!


Why are you working in Scandinavia hair?

- In Scandinavia hair I can practice my passion for blonde hair, to improve a already blonde hair or change a dark hair to blonde. Working with blondes is my passion! Also, I love the products which we work with, both colors and products which nurture the hair and don't harm it.


Why sh...

January 20, 2016

Why are you working in Scandinavia hair?

I love the Scandinavian atmosphere as well as the Swedish product line Löwengrip Care & Color which Scandinavia hair carries. 


What is your favorite work?

I really enjoy to create blonde hair, either with highlights or other fun techniques. For me, the importance of the right tone is highly appreciated together with a natural touch and a happy and satisfied customer!


Why are you a hairdresser?

I have always been interested in beauty and what comes to it. It is fascinating what the 'right' haircut or make-up can do. I am currently...

January 16, 2016

A bleached hair will always be a little less easy to handle than a non-bleached hair. In spite really good bleaching products (such as Color.Me from Kevin Murphy) which also give nutrition to the hair, bleaching will make your hair a little more sensitive. 


A great tip when you have a bleached hair, especially a long one, is to invest in a good comb.


My favorite comb of all times is the TEXTURE.COMB from Kevin Murphy.

It's a big comb with a bigger space between the 'teeth' and pulls less in your hair when you comb it and spares you from that frizzy, elastic look of a newly-com...

January 11, 2016

In our perfektblond packages there is always, always an intense hair mask included. We also recommend most customers to take an extra hair mask during the other treatment (yes, we provide treatments outside the perfektblond packages).



Why would you pay extra for a hair mask. Does it sound unnecessary to you? Well, think again. 


- The weather has an effect on our skin and believe it or not, also on our hair. During the winter, the weather is dry and it will naturally cause a drier hair. Equals, you need to hydrate your hair properly and this cannot be done by just using con...

January 5, 2016

Im sooo proud of my girls.


Deborah & Lynne knows EXACTLY how to transform any hair into the perfect blonde. Seriously, just look at these pictures!!!






January 5, 2016

News in perfektblond by Scandinavia hair (and news in Switzerland):


We now provide the conditioner for the silver shampoo line "Blonde Perfection".

Perfect for you who wants even more effect than the one you get from Blonde Perfection Schampoo. 


Availible now!







January 5, 2016


I've always painted my nails. I guess it started somewhen during my childhood when my mum was sitting by the kitchen table, carefully painting hers with bubbelgum pink Lancome.


I have never been one of those fixing-the-nails-in-salons kind of girl. I don't like fake nails and I don't want them too long and especially not too thick (those huge, shovel-nails, god forbid..). These preferences have led me to the fact that it's just easier (and cheaper) to fix my nails myself. I'm not that picky, they're usually done while watching a movie, being passenger in the car or during some...

January 1, 2016

In perfektblond by Scandinavia hair in Zürich you can get just that,

perfektes blondes haar - perfektblond - perfect blonde hair


We mostly work with tons and tons of Meches - Highlights - Strähnen - Slingor or whatever you want to call it. The reason for this huge amount of meches is to make the perfektblond as natural as possible. Most of us are looking for that natural blonde, that blonde hair where it looks like you were born as with that perfect blonde tone even if you were not...



There are also other perceptions of the perfect blonde hair. For s...

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January 1, 2018

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February 23, 2016

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