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November 23, 2015


Today I took a lap around the park. Has been a while and I felt it. The cold air which struck Zürich a couple of days ago went down my lungs like sharp arrows. Another winter ahead where the body has to adapt to the different climate before running becomes anywhere near pleasant again. 


Im not giving up, winter 2015, bring it on. Bitch.



Btw, it is soon time for me to buy new jogging shoes. I love light shoes and Im praying that something like these will be underneath the christmas tree this year...

I need color when I work out.

November 23, 2015

Monday has never been anywhere close to being my favorite day of the week. Some people claim that they love mondays, a new week arriving with new possibilities, new chances to create awesomeness. Bullshit. Im sorry but no, for me mondays have always been that slow start of a loooong week, new struggles, new mornings to go up early on, new evenings where you have to set that stupid alarm way to early for the day after. No, mondays has definitely never been fundays.  


Well, nowadays after getting myself into the hairdressing business in Switzerland where many salons have mondays...

November 22, 2015


I live in Zürich. I work in Zürich. Meaning that I spend 100% of my time in this city. 

I have only lived here since mid-July this year, so I would call myself a Zürich-rookie


In the beginning of my time here I spent many hours walking in the city. Tied up my orange jogging shoes and walked. No trams, no busses, just me and my legs. Because of this I know my way around Zürich pretty well. I can locate myself and I know the different areas of the inner circle. That is helpful but I am now in the mood of digging myself deeper down in Zürich city-life. 


I want to know that tiny...

November 21, 2015


Anyone else loving A night at the Roxbury? I for one, love most things including Will Ferrell, he is fantastic. And he has a Swedish wife, how about that.


There are many loves in my life. I love a lot. I cry a lot. I am pissed a lot. I am happy a lot. I am sad a lot. I am high on life a lot. I am basically trapped in a glass cube of emotions (another Will Ferrell quote, Anchorman 2004).

My mum always says that I am either black or white. My boyfriend calls me an overboarder, I do everything all in or not at all. Including loving. 


My first love (except my parents and my brothe...

November 19, 2015


To never feel satisfaction.



I have been struggling my whole life (well since the age of 15 approximately) to reach new goals, explore new things, become better in more fields, get new exciting experiences.


I once decided to make as much out of my life as possible and somewhere on my constant search of adrenaline, I stopped for one second and asked myself why?! Why this eternal need of seeing new things, traveling to new countries, more inputs, more experiences, more more more. I am not old and I have not experienced one tenth of what other people have seen and done but from...

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