What is love (baby don't hurt me)

Anyone else loving A night at the Roxbury? I for one, love most things including Will Ferrell, he is fantastic. And he has a Swedish wife, how about that.

There are many loves in my life. I love a lot. I cry a lot. I am pissed a lot. I am happy a lot. I am sad a lot. I am high on life a lot. I am basically trapped in a glass cube of emotions (another Will Ferrell quote, Anchorman 2004).

My mum always says that I am either black or white. My boyfriend calls me an overboarder, I do everything all in or not at all. Including loving.

My first love (except my parents and my brother, for who I can not even express my love, they are just perfect, flawless, amazing, perfect, amazing, perfect, amazing.. I love them…a lot) was my pony. This little piece of fluffy sugar stole my heart one cold day in december the year of 2000 and he still owns it. The highlight on each Sweden trip is to lie on his back with my arms around his neck and escape reality for a few minutes.

Nowadays my heart carries many loves. I love my boyfriend and life partner, sometimes so much I want to squeeze him a little too hard (anyone else constantly having those cute aggressions?). There is a bunch of Swedish girls, my best friends, who I love until the end of time. I love the three little grumpy cats on my parents farm. I love Sweden, my home country. I also love myself, more or less, depending on day and time.

Conclusion, there is a lot of love in my life. All significant, just in different ways. Who or what do you love?

#life #sweden

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