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I live in Zürich. I work in Zürich. Meaning that I spend 100% of my time in this city.

I have only lived here since mid-July this year, so I would call myself a Zürich-rookie.

In the beginning of my time here I spent many hours walking in the city. Tied up my orange jogging shoes and walked. No trams, no busses, just me and my legs. Because of this I know my way around Zürich pretty well. I can locate myself and I know the different areas of the inner circle. That is helpful but I am now in the mood of digging myself deeper down in Zürich city-life.

I want to know that tiny cozy coffee place on the behind-the-alley-gasse and the perfect lunch place where they serve 5 CHF salads with avocado and goat cheese and fresh mango juice shots (5 CHF in my dreams but you get the concept). I want to discover the perfect date night restaurant where the waiters carries the plates on their heads and wear all pink or have funny hats. Or the cool bar where you can make your own drinks and you always get a bowl of wasabi nuts to your tequila.

Yes, I just made up all these places but the message is that I want to know more about this city and its gold mines.

What is your favorite place in Zürich and where can I find it?

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