Monday funday

Monday has never been anywhere close to being my favorite day of the week. Some people claim that they love mondays, a new week arriving with new possibilities, new chances to create awesomeness. Bullshit. Im sorry but no, for me mondays have always been that slow start of a loooong week, new struggles, new mornings to go up early on, new evenings where you have to set that stupid alarm way to early for the day after. No, mondays has definitely never been fundays.

Well, nowadays after getting myself into the hairdressing business in Switzerland where many salons have mondays closed, my negative view of mondays has turned. Today, Mondays are my home-office days where I can sleep as long as I want (depending on how long my conscience lets me…), I can have a big breakfast in front of some less intelligent TV-show and Im allowed to walk around in slacks the whole day. My home office does not have a dress code. Maybe I even bake something in between work, if I want to, there are no time limits of breaks in my home office.

Mondayfunday, I love you.

(These mondays are also dedicated to laundry, cleaning and toilet scrubbing but since it is my blog, I decide if I want to exclude these less juicy and flashy details of my human life..).

#life #Scandinaviahair #entrepreneur

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