Christmas wanties

I took a lap on Bahnofstrasse in Zürich today. The whole city turned into a christmas fairytale where the christmas spirit will stike you wherever you turn. I love that.

I was watching the different christmas deals which are to be found in every store and is there anyone else than me who always wants everything yourself too?

All these red pyjamas with snowflake pattern, in amazingly soft fabrics and packed down with silk ribbons; the cutest underwear in those comfy models, made to wear when you decorate the christmas tree, togehter with fluffy slippers in beige; little kits of unnecessary makeup, a lipgloss coming in a dispenser looking like a christmas ornament and a special edition mascara where the package is red and shimmery.

I looooove these things. Mostly very unnecessary (I mean, who wants to run around with a pyjamas with Rudolf Reindeer in June and how fun are comfy underwear in cotton when you Dont decorate the tree in December) but OH so cute and adorable and wanted. Unnecessary but I need it.

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