I <3 fur (the alive kind)

Currently I just have one thing on my mind. I'm going to Sweden on Monday for a week of family, friends and furry animals. I can't wait to see everybody and the longing doesnt seem to want to leave me in peace for one second. I have been trying to focus on work and other less Swedish things but it doesnt work.

I need my cats. There are 3 cats with long hair waiting for me on my parents farm. They are super old and grumpy and actually kind of rude and selfish but I love them so much and I cant wait to dig my face into their fur.

Another thing which is awaiting me is a couple of hours of horsing around in the stable. 3 horses have to be accompanied and Im happy to carry that task next week. Most attention will go to my 26 year old pony. He is white as sugar (straight lie, he WOULD be white as sugar if he didnt try so hard to be dirty all the time) and has the shortest ears a pony ever had. His name is Silver but he has a heart made of gold.

Love of my life since the age of 11. Boyfriends, you're great but you're not Silver. Deal with it.

For suuure friends and family will get their fair share of my attention too. But if you arent an animal with lots of fur, you're unfortunately second priority during my Sweden stays.

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