Makeup, Mascara and other necessities

I am a fan of makeup. I wouldnt call myself a heavy makeup carrier but I like makeup. I like to have the option at home to wear lots and lots of eye shadow and tanning powder and lipsticks in colors matching today's outfit. So, without using a lot, I still have my little makeup store in the bathroom. Im grateful that my boyfriend can accept the fact that my various stock of products uses approximately 90% of the storage availible in our bathroom.

Mascaras, a sensitive area in the makeup world. I have some friends claiming that they always get the same result whatever mascara they use and Im sorry, but that's just not true. And if it's true, you're a terrible mascara user.

I have tried many mascaras and my longtime favorites are the mascaras from Dior (J'adore Dior, love that sentence). I have a thing for DIORSHOW Extase, the name tells you everything, and have been a faithful user of it for a whole while.

Although after opening Scandinavia hair, where we sell the amazing Swedish brand Löwengrip Care & Color, I have for sure not been worse than that I have been using these products to the extent possible. And their mascara, 18 Hours, caught me. It has a big brush which makes the application easy and the texture is sticky-free but still rich. Im not born with super-long-mega-volume-extralalala-lashes and Im always in need of that extra boost and I must say that I love the result which 18 Hours gives me. Other plusses with it is that it's mine for 19 CHF and that I dont even need soap to remove it in the evening.

A couple of swipes with water and Im ready for bed. 5 out of 5!

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