Freezing fingers

So, Im Swedish and yes, Sweden can be really cold. Once or twice where I grew up we had minus 30 Degrees Celcius and that, my friends, is really cold. I remember my mum telling me not to go horseback riding too far with my pony because she was afraid that I would get frostbites. To the story belongs that my mum always encouraged me to go on hour-long tours with my somewhat chubby pony so when she told me not to,

it is bad.

Some people seem to think that only because you grew up far north on the map, you have developed some kind of resistance towards cold weather. I cannot speak for others but in my case that's definitely not true. Im always cold. Always. I claim that I never really felt completely warm, from the very inside and all the way out, cause there is always some cold breeze crawling up on me or simply just not warm enough.

(This might not be completely true since I've spent 3 months in Ghana in 40 degrees and almost a year in the sunny state of Californie, but during a cold winter in Europe this kind of slips my mind...)

Winter is here and I have brought out the heavy artillery of scarfs, gloves, hats and other knitted things in different shapes. Switzerland is freezing and so am I.

I have always been keen on these adorable sets of hat plus scarf plus gloves in the same series. Maybe this one from H&M will be mine this year.

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