My list of perfect christmas gifts for everyone in the family


- Belt

Why are men always using belts?

- Gloves

They will never buy it themselves and never admit that they're cold.

Me for one, rather hold a soft hand than a dried-out, ice cold one.

- Gift card for something else than a clothing store.

A man also enjoy a day at a spa or a new haircut or a massage. Treat them!

- Gym clothes

Want your man to work out more? Buy one for you too, if he needs to work out more, right back at ya!

- Hair/face/body products

Body shop has great products for the body and the face. Who said men should not wash their face everyday and do masks every week? Scandinavia hair for one has great styling products for the hair ;)


- If your man doesnt fit in any of above gift-sections, he'd probably be super happy for a giftcard at OBI or another hardware store. (Boring).


Seriously, do I even have to start?

- clothes (or giftcard for clothes)

- makeup

a lipstick in a fun color is something you want but seldom treat yourself with, hence the perfect gift :)

- perfume

- pyjamas

Every girl is thankful for a sexy or cozy pyjamas (dont go for the sexy version if it's for the sister)

I want those silky, two-pieces with cute shorts and a tanktop.

- Slippers

My feet are always freezing, I need my fluffy slippers. Got two pairs last christmas and use them every day. Sometimes even in the summer.....

- products products products

Doesnt matter what it is, as long as they smell good and have a nice packing, yes please.

- Bags

............................... I could go on forever


- Copypaste the girlfriend list.

A mum would also always appreciate a photobook with memories from the year.


- A book

My dad wanted a book called The industrial development in Sweden, from a family business-perspective for his birthday. Me myself would rather clean the shower in a male soccerteam's locker room than read this book but he wanted it (making the rest of us look like uninteresting, non-intelligent people who only likes to watch Big Brother or American Idol and no nothing about anything important).

- A tool of any kind.

- a nice cup in which he can drink his coffee

Make sure to find out all his rules regarding 'the perfect coffee cup' first. I grew up in a family with tons of these rules, ask me for advices.

- a piece of wood, he will make something out of it, trust me.

I guess I've been enough stereotypical regarding the different characters in the family now. And if your family somehow have reversed parts and a non-genus/non-stereotypical situation, just pick from the list to suitable person, egal mum, dad, brother, girlfriend etc. That would work too!

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