Hydrate hydrate hydrate

In our perfektblond packages there is always, always an intense hair mask included. We also recommend most customers to take an extra hair mask during the other treatment (yes, we provide treatments outside the perfektblond packages).


Why would you pay extra for a hair mask. Does it sound unnecessary to you? Well, think again.

- The weather has an effect on our skin and believe it or not, also on our hair. During the winter, the weather is dry and it will naturally cause a drier hair. Equals, you need to hydrate your hair properly and this cannot be done by just using conditioner. There is a need of a more intense hair mask once in a while in order to balance the moisture in your hair.

Ok good, Ill apply an extra hair mask once in a while in the winter.

Yah, that's great but as a matter of fact, you're going to need to do it in the summer too. The hair is exposed to a more humid weather in the summer BUT it is also exposed to more and stronger sun and in some cases, salt water.

- Your daily routines affects your hair.

Blowdrying, straightening, curling, drying your hair with crispy towels, sleeping on cotton sheets, stress, brushing. I can go on. Almost everything you do causes stress to your hair and you need to repair this if you want to sustain a shiny, healthy hair.

To make an extra intense hair mask when you're at your hairdresser will also maximize the chances that you're getting the right hair mask for your hair type. Do you have thin hair? Well, we will get you a hair mask which moisturizes but yet, doesnt make your hair heavy and flat. Do you have thick, frizzy hair? Well, we will apply a hair mask which tones down the frizzyness and moisurizes on a deeper level.

Ask for an extra hair mask next time. Your hair needs it.

Why spend so much money on highlights, haircuts or colorings when you don't take care of your hair?!

Some of the different hair mask which we use in perfektblond by Scandinavia hair:

The Cure - Löwengrip Care & Color

Hydrate-me.Masque - Kevin Murphy

Angel.Masque - Kevin Murphy

Born.Again - Kevin Murphy

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