the Perfect comb

A bleached hair will always be a little less easy to handle than a non-bleached hair. In spite really good bleaching products (such as Color.Me from Kevin Murphy) which also give nutrition to the hair, bleaching will make your hair a little more sensitive.

A great tip when you have a bleached hair, especially a long one, is to invest in a good comb.

My favorite comb of all times is the TEXTURE.COMB from Kevin Murphy.

It's a big comb with a bigger space between the 'teeth' and pulls less in your hair when you comb it and spares you from that frizzy, elastic look of a newly-combed hair.

TEXTURE.COMB is created to keep the texture and movement in your hair but still control it.

Another advantage is that the TEXTURE.COMB also has rounded 'teeth' which creates less friction when you comb it and is therefore more gentle to the hair.

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