Interview with Deborah Faccin Hairdresser and Makeup artist perfektblond by Scandinavia hair

Why are you working in Scandinavia hair?

I love the Scandinavian atmosphere as well as the Swedish product line Löwengrip Care & Color which Scandinavia hair carries.

What is your favorite work?

I really enjoy to create blonde hair, either with highlights or other fun techniques. For me, the importance of the right tone is highly appreciated together with a natural touch and a happy and satisfied customer!

Why are you a hairdresser?

I have always been interested in beauty and what comes to it. It is fascinating what the 'right' haircut or make-up can do. I am currently enrolled in a make-up class and can soon offer both hair and make-up services for my customers, the perfect package and my passion!

Why should I put my blonde hair in your hands?

The last 4 years, I have worked a lot with blonde hair and I have developed a passion and a great eye for the details and the perfection of blonde hair. My every-day mission is to make every customer 100% satisfied with each hair on the head!

Who is your dream customer?

Cameron Diaz! Not only because she is my favorite actress but also cause I really like her hair. She always have nice, updated haircuts and perfect highlights.

Favorite product from Löwengrip Care & Color

The Cure - Hair Mask. I love the smell of it (Swedish Rhubarb with a touch of vanilla) and it has this magic effect of intensively moisturizing the hair but at the same time not make it heavy and volumeless.

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