New Inns to come

Last Friday of the first month of 2016!

(that got complicated..)

We are moving forward and are seeing a great spring ahead of us.

If there is any particular time to be blonde, spring would be it!

Lighten up life a little bit with a couple of tones brighter in your hair. Me for one, know a whole bunch of people bringing back blonde when the sun starts to come earlier in the morning and leave later in the evening. It kind of adds to the springy feeling.

For all you blondies or want-to-be-blondies out there, keep your eyes open.

perfektblond by Scandinavia hair is soon getting new products in the store. A line perfectly adapted to moisturize and treat a blonde hair.

This line also has a really cool styling product which brings volume and thickness to your hair. Also, it includes heat protection which means you get all in one!

All from Löwengrip Care & Color!

Stay tuned - soon availible……

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