Blond Meches/Strähnen Blonde Highlights in Zürich?

In perfektblond by Scandinavia hair in Zürich you can get just that,

perfektes blondes haar - perfektblond - perfect blonde hair.

We mostly work with tons and tons of Meches - Highlights - Strähnen - Slingor or whatever you want to call it. The reason for this huge amount of meches is to make the perfektblond as natural as possible. Most of us are looking for that natural blonde, that blonde hair where it looks like you were born as with that perfect blonde tone even if you were not...

There are also other perceptions of the perfect blonde hair. For some people perfect blonde is grey blonde, ashy blonde, ice blonde, caramel blonde, white blonde, silver blonde, strawberry blonde or any other of the endless list of perfect blonde hair. Which one is your favorite?

In perfektblond Zürich you can also get the perfect blonde hair by bayalage, basically meaning painting. With bayalage we paint the hair blonde on chosen spots. This makes the blonde hair natural and the blonde looks naturally touched by the sun. Also a really nice way of getting the perfect blonde hair.

Do you have another idea of how you want your perfektblond hair made? Or do you have a special wish of the perfect blonde hair? Whetever it is blonde meches, blonde highlights, blonde strähnen, bayalage, ombre or all-over blonde, we can make it for you in perfektblond by Scandinavia hair Zürich.

Beige blonde - perfect blonde

Strawberry blonde - perfect blonde

Ashblonde - perfect blonde

Gold blonde - perfect blonde

Dark blonde - perfect blonde

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