Top coat / base coat anyone?

I've always painted my nails. I guess it started somewhen during my childhood when my mum was sitting by the kitchen table, carefully painting hers with bubbelgum pink Lancome.

I have never been one of those fixing-the-nails-in-salons kind of girl. I don't like fake nails and I don't want them too long and especially not too thick (those huge, shovel-nails, god forbid..). These preferences have led me to the fact that it's just easier (and cheaper) to fix my nails myself. I'm not that picky, they're usually done while watching a movie, being passenger in the car or during some other suitable occasion.

Although….. my very chill attitude towards nail fixing has changed a little bit since Scandinavia hair was born. Selling Löwengrip Care & Color (LCC), a brand which also carries nail polish, I for sure had to try it (mentioned before, I can't sell stuff which I don't like myself.. just reasonable!). The thing is that this nail polish range also includes base and top coat. Oh my, seriously, do I need to include 2 more layers into the average 2-times-per-week-nail-session?! I gave it a try and (unfortunately?) Im stuck. The nails are getting prettier, it holds longer and when you remove it your poor nails doesn't look like they have fungus or some other non-pleasant appearance.

Word: Base coat and top coat might sounds unnecessary and lame but believe me,

you're gonna want it and you need it.

My favorite color right now is TENACITY from LCC.

It works for every occasion and your nails wont look nothing else than flawless.

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