eat right for perfektblond

Bad hair?

Getting that shine, that volume, that lushy hair is a dream for many of us. Firstly, use the right products! We often hear from our customers how they now experienced the difference in using a shampo bought from the hairdresser instead of buying it in the local supermarket. Good products make a difference, it is a fact!

Although, using the right products is important, there is also a matter about treating your body well. To keep a somewhat healthy lifestyle and getting the right nutrition can also have a big effect on your hair. We all have experienced that effect on our skin and face, what most of us forget is that the hair also react on what you eat. Take a closer look on your habits and your hair and you'll understand!

In Sweden we say Lördagsgodis, meaning Saturday candy. Most kids grow up knowing that candy and sugar you only eat on Saturdays. Maybe that's something for us grown-ups to embrace.... //sugar addict.

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