Hair & Heat

In our perfektblond packages we always recommend you to bring a heat protection home (The Heat is On -Löwengrip Care & Color).

Why do I need a heat protection?

Could seem like a 'boring' styling product to have at home. Well, if you like to use your styling tools you definitely should think about using it. A heat protection will protect your hair from the heat (ahaaaaa...) and avoid damage. Think about it as sun protection cream. Surely you are very careful with your sensitive skin in the summer, using high sun protection creams not to get burnt from the strong sun.

If you, on top of frequent styling of your hair, have a blonde hair (by nature of from bleaching), it will be even more crucial that you don't miss out on your heat protection. A blonde hair is more sensitive for heat and will break quicker. To keep your perfect blonde hair a heat protection is not a bad idea.

Favorite in perfektblond Zürich:

The Heat is On - Löwengrip Care & Color, 21.90 CHF

The Heat is on protects your hair up to 260 degrees Celsius which is much more than regular heat protections.

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